Cansano rises in a territory bordering on the National Park of Maiella between Sulmona and Campo di Giove.
It is a mountain loclity, hidden among a rough landscape over which the imposing Majella hangs. the green colours of the spring, the blue of the summer sky, the warm colours of the autumn and the white of the winter make the landscape unique and fascinating, overlooked by the wonderful, incontaminated nature.
Cansano arises from the old, fortified village which has marked the urban planning of the town through its medieval architecture.
While going towards the historical centre of the town, passing through the sixteenth-century gate "Porta da Capo" also known as "Arche de Buseche", time stops and the eyes stand staring at the lanes, crossroads and peculiar corners.
While going down the stairway leading to the gate "Porta da Sotto" called "Portajova", reality, memories and imagination bring us back to the lifestyle which is now far from these places; as a matter of fact, once the small square is reached, silence is broken only by the water springing out of the fountain called "de la Mandra" and by the fountain of "Undenare" discrict, a little farther. Recent archaeological excavations in "Tavuto" - Polmare", place have brought to light a templar area of remarkable interest.